Rates are based on quality over quantity and are straightforward: $21 per photo delivered with a $210 / 10 photo minimum. For the smallest properties, 10 photos is usually sufficient. A 3/2 may need 15+ and large estates may need 20 or more. Common areas will require photos too unless we have them on file. On the day of the shoot, we will walk the property to get an estimate. You can also let us know how many shots that you need or if you need to stay within a budget.

Here’s what’s included:

1. An average of 15 exposures per scene is shot and then blended together to create ONE photo. This is done to capture the darkest areas to the brightest. Each photo is then hand-retouched further for color balance, contrast, and exposure.
2. If there’s a scene where where several angles are shot, it will usually be counted as one photo. For example: a kitchen shot from over the bar and another shot from an entryway would be counted as one photo. It would be considered two photos if one of the photos is a close-up of the cooking range or a view looking out from a window. It would also be counted as two photos if a room is difficult to capture in one shot, such as some large L-shaped bathrooms.
3. We will also help with staging such as moving items around to optimize the composition.
4. No extra charge for twilight photos. Appointment times are usually chosen based on convenience and availability but if you like the look of twilight photos, we can accommodate.
5. No extra charge for same day, rush jobs, or rescheduling. Photos are usually delivered on the same day as the shoot and weekend appointments are OK.
6. Archived storage on my Box.com account for 24/7 download.
7. If needed, a single property webpage to use as the “virtual tour” link on the MLS is optionally included. Sample: http://www.homeclickr.com/property/14231-woodview-ln-saratoga-ca-95070. The emphasis is on the photos and details of the property.
8. Simple online invoicing for paying via credit credit or payment can be made via a physical check.